25 Questions to Ask to Build Intimacy*

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*For those who prefer to keep it light and off topic and loved the 80s.


Which of these theme songs makes you cry for reasons you can’t quite explain? But try to explain.

Welcome Back Kotter

The Greatest American Hero

Saint Elsewhere

Rescue 911

How scary was Unsolved Mysteries? (This is intended to be rhetorical but I won’t stop you if you want to expound)

Which of these was the biggest disappointment of your life?

Pogo Ball

Reebok Pumps

Eating a bouillon cube

Rank TGIF in order of most annoying main character. (And, yes, John Stossel is a valid answer)

Full House

Balky Bartokamous and Coosin Larry



How much did you love your Underoos? So much that you might have worn them over your clothes on occasion? Hmmmm? I love that.

Scariest HBO movie you knew you shouldn’t have been watching ? “This movie is Rated PG – parental guidance suggested!” Yes please!



Watership Down

Best Book Series-

Babysitter’s Club

Flowers in the Attic

Which scared you more?

Dianetics! By L. Ron. Hubbard!

or, Diabeetus! with Wilford Brimley

Long shot here, but does the sentence “I’m waaaaaiting…in the front clossset?” mean anything to you? I didn’t think so.

Who’s your favorite alien?

ET, Alf, or Mork?

Preferred Manny (for you, not your kids)

Charles in Charge

Tony Macelli

Mr. Belvedere

Hollywood Squares – who wore it better?

Jim J. Bullock or Bruce Vlanch?

Who would you least want anywhere near your mom?

Richard Dawson

Larry from Three’s Company

John Laroquette

Tell me about your first Trapper Keeper.

What was your favorite part about Price is Right?


The Showcase Showdown

Bob Barker’s microphone

Not being in school

And to wrap things up, have you seen Handi-Snaks in any stores? Those buttery, hydrogenated oily crackers with the rubber cheese and red stick spreader-ma-bob? Asking for a friend.

All right, enough.

I don’t want to scare you off so I’ll give you some space. There are spaces down there right? I hope you comment but if you don’t, no big whoop. I’ll move on.


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