Blogger? I Barely Know Her!

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I can’t believe I’m 40 and a half and haven’t blogged a damn thing. Inexcusable.

I have kids and no job and have been paying for this domain name (which I have no idea where I was going with) for two years. It’s time. I just finished unpacking the last boxes from our move we also started two years ago. The kids’ attention spans have dramatically expanded since introducing them to screens and they’re far less demanding since they found Cheez-its.

Cheez-its Saves!

Life has been good since I lowered my standards and snacks to an accessible level.

I know this looks more like a Tweet than a blog but despite my lowered expectations for life in general I maintain my dignity and refuse to be associated in any way with our twittering prez. I hate that he’s brought me to the level of bastardizing words I used to be proud to write. I blame him for lowering my standards, for lowering our country’s standards, but it is what it is. I might as well make orange juice if we have an orange POtuS. I’m slapping up this half-assed blog against my better judgement. The timing seems right.

Also, fuck it. I’m opening a Twitter account.

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